Do you own your own property? 

Securing a piece of property is the first step in the building process. Blue Hen Construction will gladly guide you through the home building process on your own land. We have a vast amount of knowledge preparing land parcels for the building process. Some items to consider when building on your own land are below:

  • Have you owned the property more than 1 year? Transfer taxes may apply if the land is in Sussex County.

  • Has there been a site evaluation done on the property to determine septic system viability?

  • Does the land require woods to be cleared for building? We can assist with preparing the lot for a build.

  • Does a family member want to "gift" you a land parcel? We have experience in guiding clients through the process.

It can be quite intimidating when you begin to navigate the necessary steps for readying a lot for building a home. Let Blue Hen Construction relieve some of that stress and guide you through the lot preparation process.